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IShowSpeed reacts to Larray's diss track targeted at him, Adin Ross and Kai Cenat: 'What did I do?'

2023-06-06 18:55
IShowSpeed found the debuted diss track of Larray who targeted him and friends!
IShowSpeed reacts to Larray's diss track targeted at him, Adin Ross and Kai Cenat: 'What did I do?'

CINCINNATI, OHIO: Darren Watkins Jr is popularly known as IShowSpeed who has garnered a substantial fan following across various social media platforms and boasting over 16 million subscribers on YouTube. Similarly, Larri Merritt is professionally known as Larray, who is a prominent YouTuber and influential figure in the realm of social media.

Larray maintains a YouTube channel under the name "LARRAY" and he has gained fame through his daily vlogs, comedic content, and gaming videos. Notably, he recently released a remix of the single "Canceled" in which he unveiled a diss track aimed at Speed, Adin Ross, and Kai Cenat. Keep on reading to know the reaction of Speed.

‘What did I do?’

During the recent live stream of Speed, he received a notification from discord, where he saw the video with a message, “Speed this guy dissed you and Adin and kai look”. Instantly, Speed clicked the video and screamed, “Somebody dissed me!" The Canceled was remixed by Larray, in the music video Larray stated “up the next is IShowSpeed, steady twitching, but can’t even stream back right and murder me when it comes to ronaldo starting to think soccer ain’t the only buzz you like how, snaplap look like.”

Then Speed paused the music video and said, “Bro what did i do to James Charles bro coral array like, what the fly bro, what is it yeh bro, wait bro is this James Charles, that’s not bro that’s not even James Charles, this is f**king goddamn feel folding bro, and hey bro, what did i do? And they talking about me and my Adin and my Kai.”

And then he continued, “Oh bro I don’t even. What the f**k god, bro my p***s right now like is trying to catch a boner but it’s not at the same time like i am its like its right at the 64 mark, or 50 mark like, I don’t know whats going on with me right now, I don’t get why did i get this stuff, I never talked, What bro!”

'Adin was crying his ass off'

One of the YouTube users said, "His disses aren't supposed to be serious. He just does it for fun. See the original Cancelled, where he basically disses every tiktoker and ended tiktok diss tracks." One fan wrote, "Speed had to pretend he didn’t like it." Another fan said, "I like how speed was being respectful and wasn’t being all extra and acting grossed out like all the other straight guys watching this." The other fan wrote, "he finally reacted to a full music video his ass always skips." The fifth user said, "someone younger than adin took this more maturely lmfao, adin was crying his ass off."

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